Learn More About Luxury Auto Finder

The service Luxury Auto Finder now provides has evolved over the last decade based on feedback from our existing customers, family, and friends. Some years ago, family members of the company's founder would ask him to find a specific vehicle within a specific price range. Through our nationwide network of affiliates and dealer-only sources we could locate these vehicles and sell them at a lower profit because they would not be held in inventory, eliminating costly finance charges associated with maintaining a "rolling inventory." Eventually this service was extended to friends and colleagues so they also could partake in the benefits of our unique purchasing structure. Over the last several years this program was made available to the public, with an overwhelming response from our satisfied customers. We will make sure your experience with us will meet or exceed your expectations both in our autos and customer service. If you are still hesitant, we have many customers who have been buying from LuxuryAutoFinder for years and would be happy to answer any questions via phone or email. Just ask.

We believe that once in a great while a breakthrough concept is developed that revolutionizes the way business is done in an industry. Our unique business model has and should continue to do just that. Why settle for your typical dealership experience?

Here on our website, you can view our inventory, check out information about our extended warranty options, or even use our easy application form to get pre-approved for financing. Also feel free to visit all our other pages for important information and a better idea of what we are about. We are here to make your next purchase experience better than any you have ever had, so feel free to call us at 630-918-5598 with any questions.